Oscillating Tool Cutting Motion Controller

Featured with feeding, pen, irregular figure cutting, time saving and materials cutting at high utilization, TC-7200 is designated for double-rail oscillating tool cutting machine and combined auto-distribute double-head cutting with perforation.
Based on TC-6828 and featured with V-cut, creasing, dual or three heads cutting, auto-distributedouble-head cutting, TC-6828PLUS is designated to meet the configuration of high-end oscillating tool cutting machine.
TC6832 is a high-end motion controller developed for the blade cutting industry. It integrates spindle cutting, vibrating knife cutting, V-groove cutting, round knife cutting, red light origin, brushes, punching, cutting and other functions.
TC-6828 that is capable of controlling servo motor, featured with high speed DSP, oscillating tool, circular blade, red dot pointer, pen, perforation and visual positioning, is designated to meet the configuration of high-end motion controller with focusing on oscillating tool cutting. It ...