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Laser World of Photonics China for 2016 in Shanghai
Laser World of Photonics China for 2016 in Shanghai
Trocen’s Annual Party for 2016
Time passes by and 2015 is gone, but 2016 is coming soon. It is another hopeful year with new goals. On 22nd in Jan., Trocen held an annual party themed with A Fresh Start With Trocen’s Dreams.
Trocen’s achieving 8 patents of technical property
Successfully applying patents represents our technical property will be highly protected to enhance core competitiveness, improve the level of overall strengths and ensure the interests between enterprise and customers.
Stabilize the system, put an end to bad quality from the source - Shenzhen since
In order to enhance the quality of our products and create "quality products" and "credit products", the company held a special meeting on "improving product quality and improving material procurement management" at the beginning of this year.
608&708 product series with CE Certification
Congratulation on our company passing CE approvals of Laser Motion Control System 608 and Laser Motion Control System 708 product series on this month and has achieved CE Certification. The guarantee of CE Certification shows reliable quality and securit